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Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth has long been used as an organic control for insects in vegetable gardens. This fine white powdery dust will control many of the insects that crawl on our plants. It is also used to filter water in swimming pools, city water systems and in aquariums. Worked in to the soil diatomaceous earth will also help in moisture retention. Diatomaceous earth is the remains of ancient critters that live in seas centuries ago called Diatoms. The shells of these animals have settled to the ocean floors. The shells of these critters are very sharp. To us the diatomaceous earth feels like fine talc but to any insect that crawls across it, it is like walking across a bed of crushed glass.

Diatomaceous earth gets in the joints of the insect and as they crawl, it cuts the skeleton of the insect so it will die of dehydration. No crawling insect is immune to this product or how it works. Usually diatomaceous earth will kill an insect with a two day period after it comes in contact with the powder. Diatomaceous earth must be kept dry in order to be effective. Once the powder “crustes” over with moisture, it must be reapplied to be effective. 
Diatomaceous earth is considered to be a great organic method of controlling insects but like any other garden product caution must be used to prevent hazards to human and pets. Avoid contact with the eyes and breathing any of the dust when applying the product. 

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