Jims Giant Tomato: Possibly Idaho's Tallest Tomato Plant

As some of you may already know, Jim Zamzow has been trying to set a record for growing the tallest tomato plant. People are asking how he did it, and what to use on their tomatoes to get similar results. Here’s what Jim Zamzows says about growing the tallest Tomato plant:

It’s just not a matter of what products Jim used; it’s how he grew it!
  1. First, you plant one tomato plant in an 8’ by 8’ square so it had the room needed for the roots to spread. The entire area was then covered with a 4” mulch of alfalfa hay.
  2. The soil in the entire area was conditioned the previous fall with plenty of Gandma Z’s Premium Compost and Zamzows THRIVE.
  3. The tomato was planted in the middle of the 8’x8’ square and was fed with one ounce of Thrive in 1 gallon of water (which was repeated every two weeks throughout the season.
  4. The plant was also foliar-fed with Zamzows Thrive Boom and Magic Mineral (an experimental mineral and CCF).
  5. Jim built a special 30 inch diameter frame to hold the plant made from concrete reinforcing wire and anchored securely with 30” rebar with a “hook” at the end.
  6. The plant was trained to grow with one sucker per vertical wire…and then tied weekly. All other suckers were removed.
 Jim was shooting for 24 feet this year. This is year due to the cold Spring we had and an early June hail storm, the plant stands around 17 feet.