Bill Bugs and Grubs on your Lawn

Customers bring billbug larvae into the stores. That means that if you have not applied your application of Zamzows Duration Grub Control do it now. Zamzows Duration Grub Control will keep the billbugs from damaging your turf for the rest of the season. Prevention of billbug damage is far cheaper and easier that repairing the damage to your turf.


In the Treasure Valley we have the worst billbug problem than any where else in the country. We are blessed with four species of billbugs that will attack your lawn. The Denver, Phoenix, Hunting and the Northwest Bluegrass billbug are just waiting to eat the roots off your turf. Right now we are trying to prevent the Northwest and Hunting billbugs from damaging the turf. These two species start working in your turf in late May or early June. They will continue working until we get cooler temperatures in September. Because of the severe billbug problems that we have in our area, Zamzows Duration Grub Control works better than any other brand of grub control. Knowing the problem, Zamzows put in a higher percentage of active ingredients to do a better job of stopping the damage of billbugs to the turf. Applying Zamzows Duration Grub Control twice during the growing season will prevent all four species of billbugs from destroying your turf. 


If you have not applied your second application of Zamzows Living Lawn Spring and Summer lawn food, do it at the same time that you treat for billbugs. Our Living Lawn food will give your turf that deep dark green color and fed the grass. A well fed lawn will repair it self quicker from billbug damage.  Let's prevent billbug damage and have the greenest lawn in your neighborhood.  Use Zamzows Duration Grub Control and Zamzows Living Lawn Food.  Remember if you have a lawn or plant problem; just bring in a sample into any of our 10 stores for a recommendation to take care of the problem.