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It’s like anti-freeze, for your plants.

A scientific-breakthrough– this eco-safe spray actually improves healthy plants’ natural cold tolerance by approximately 2° to 9° F, depending on the variety of plant and the duration/intensity of frost or freeze event.

Developed by botanists, FreezePruf™ protects the plant’s foliage and flowers, externally and systemically (throughout the plant) by enhancing both its natural “anti-freeze” like properties and its ability to survive ice crystal damage.

Imagine moving your temperature zone 200 miles south!
FreezePruf’s easy- to-use, biodegradable formulation and mode of action add a half-USDA Zone equivalent or more to the cold tolerance range of all major ornamentals and crops. So, a plant that is hardy to the low-to-mid teens Fahrenheit (Zone 8a) can be grown with little or no damage in Zone 7b.

Plant earlier, harvest later
You can play the guessing game as to when the last Spring-, or the first Fall-frost will occur and arm yourself with everything from smudge pots to blankets to protect your plants, often with poor results. Or, you can stop guessing! Although FreezePruf may be applied at any temperature above freezing and will produce benefits as soon as plant surfaces dry, best results will be obtained when applied at temperatures above 50˚F and a minimum of 8 to 12 hours before an anticipated freeze. FreezePruf may also be applied seasonally, in anticipation of future cold events within the upcoming 4 to 6 weeks. Since FreezePruf extends the growing season, it’s perfect for perennials as well as fruit and vegetable plants. The guaranteed protection lasts up to 6 weeks.

Simply spray liberally to the entire plant. The biodegradable formula is designed to resist washing away by rain or snow and one application lasts four to six weeks. For added protection, reapply as new growth appears.

FreezePruf (and Mother Nature) effect different plants – differently.
Here’s why...

1. FreezePruf adds to a plant’s natural ability to tolerate cold. Plant species vary greatly in their natural ability to tolerate cold (See FreezePruf Plant Effectiveness Guide), and there is considerable individual variation even within a cultivar or variety.

2. A plant’s health and prior care effect how well it will tolerate cold. A drought-stressed or diseased plant, or a tropical plant that is already experiencing seasonal senescence (yellowing of leaves, brown leaf tips, etc.) due to shorter days and cooler nights, will not respond as well to FreezePruf.

3. Both the duration and intensity of the cold event will effect a plant’s and FreezePruf’s performance. Each frost or freeze event is unique in terms of duration and intensity of cold, wind chill factor, relative humidity, snow and ice cover, minimum temperatures and total time below freezing. Even within an individual landscape, microclimates occur and low temperatures can easily vary by several degrees.

So, how well will FreezePruf work on your plants, in your own garden and landscape?
In general, FreezePruf will add approximately 4 to 6˚ Fahrenheit to published hardiness values of plants (about the equivalent of ½ of a USDA Zone rating) (see listings below). The overall improvement range is approximately 2 to 3˚ F (¼ of a Zone equivalent) to more than 8 to 9˚ F (¾ of a Zone equivalent) over untreated plants that experience the same intensity (low temperature) and duration of cold, windchill, snow/ice cover, and other variables.