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Removing Hard Water Stains from Aquariums


Removing Hard Water Stains from Aquariums
By Hans Geary
Manager Zamzows Eagle

Aquariums are, if nothing else, a creative and natural addition to any home. It can become particularly frustrating when a décor item in a home is unsightly. As with anything that houses water, hard water deposits are a common occurrence. Fortunately, with a little maintenance and elbow grease, these can be easily managed.

First of all, it is the quality of the water that ultimately causes the staining. A greater presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium are the leading contributors to the end result of the stain. There are a few ways to reduce the presence of these minerals in an aquarium. What we at Zamzows use as a form of water in our aquariums is Reverse Osmosis water (RO). RO is a form of purified water that is forced through a semi- permeable membrane and several sediment filters to remove toxins and minerals from tap water. One of the minerals that it is particularly effective in removing is calcium! We sell RO water by the gallon for about a dollar or if you bring you own container, it is 50¢.
Another option is the use of water conditioners. We sell several products one of which is called Stress Coat that does particularly well with the removal of heavy metals. Products like Stress Coat are routinely used to make tap water safe for fish and can do a good job reducing the build up of heavy water stains. Although the use of RO water or the addition of water conditioners helps reduce both the tenacity and frequency of hard water stains, neither effectively stop them completely from occurring. Periodic cleaning is another step in keeping your aquarium looking good.

Because of the sensitivity of the plants and fish inside your aquarium, it is important to use caution when cleaning. One way of doing this is simply making sure you wipe down your aquarium frequently with a wet rag. What we have found in our pet room is the more we remember to do this, the more the hard water stains are drastically reduced. Unfortunately, if you have a major problem a wet rag will not do the job.

You can try using a vinegar solution. This is a weak acid and is well suited for the removal of hard water stains with a minimal impact on your livestock. The recommended rate is a one to one ratio, vinegar to water. Another possibility for a home remedy that can be used is lemon juice which is also very acidic. Mix it the same way you would mix the vinegar. This is a good alternative for those who dislike the aroma of vinegar. Both of these safe solutions can be applied with a spray bottle to the areas that have the hard water stains.
When we elect to place an aquarium in our homes, often it’s beauty and mystic are compromised when it appears to look dirty. With the use of water that is low in its mineral content and a little routine cleaning, your aquarium should easily maintain the natural ambiance it adds to your home.
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