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How do I keep my Dog from jumping the fence?

How do I Keep my Dog from Jumping Over the Fence?

Fence-jumping is a self-rewarding behavior for dogs because the newly escaped pooch feels a sense of freedom and hope of finding someone to pay attention to him and/or critters to chase.

To help with deterring your dog from jumping the fence, start with some basic dog commands, such as sit, stay and come.  As for 'stay,' if your dog understands its meaning, calling out 'stay' can be what distracts your dog before he springs over the fence or slips through a fence gap. You can find great, easy steps for teaching commands in web articles as well as in the many good contemporary dog management books. An obedience course will help as well. Remember that this is going to take some time on your part as well.

Realize that a dog with bad manners is not a bad dog. Manners can be improved with proper guidance from the owner. Jumping does not mean there is something wrong with the dog. To stop your dog from jumping over the fence, make sure the dog is getting enough physical exercise as well as attention from his owners. Many times, it is lack of attention that leads to a dog trying to escape a yard or fence jumping.

Directing the dog into good, desirable behavior is typically more effective than just trying to stop (or discipline for) unacceptable behavior, since dogs, like children, have energy they need to channel somewhere. There are several things that we can do for our dogs. Make sure that they have plenty of toys to play with and reward them for good behavior. Dogs can get bored easily if there is no one around to give him attention. Most dogs are curious and will find a way to investigate the world around them. This seams to be true for those owners that have chain link fences. They will often see someone or something that grabs their attention and they’re gone before you know it.

Perhaps the most effective way of keeping a dog from jumping the fence while your not there is by using an invisible fence. Most manufactures tell you that you need to bury the wire. Instead of burying the wire, staple the wire to the existing wooden fence (if you have one) anywhere between 1/4 of the way up from the ground and the actual top of the fence, if you have a chain link fence, use zip ties and attach to the bottom of the fencing.  Then you put up the flags and train the dog just as if you would if you did not have a real fence in place. Most units have a control with them that allows you to control the amount of shock that they receive. I
have a big dog and believe it or not, mine is set up on a very low level of correction. Remember we are not here to hurt our pets just protect them from some of the dangers of the outside world. 


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