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What is a Robo Hamster?

What is a Robo Hamster?
No it’s not the latest advance in science or the newest blockbuster in Hollywood. The diminutive robo hamster’s full name is Roborovskis Dwarf Hamster or The Desert Hamster. They are a quick, agile hamster from the areas around and into the Gobi desert in both Russia and Mongolia.

This small hamster species is probably the smallest of all hamsters with a total body length of less than 2 inches when full grown. Although these animals are quick and small they are surprisingly easy to handle and rarely if ever bite those handling them. Robo Hamsters small size and unique non aggressive nature when it comes to handling makes the robo hamster a perfect pet for anybody who falls in love with these cute little bundles of fun.

Robo Hamsters are an active animal and need an enclosure with small spacing between the bars of the cage or a glass or plastic enclosure that will prevent an escape. Robo’s love to run in hamster wheels or hamster balls and need these for regular exercise and over all good health. These animals being from a desert environment have low water needs and conserve on food very well. This means that they are easy to care for when it comes to their cleaning maintenance and feeding, making them ideal for young children and first time pet owners.

Now for some frequently asked Questions about Robo Hamsters.

How long do Roborovski live?

On average, Roborovski's live for 2 to 3 1/2 years, up to 4 in some cases. Roborovski's live the longest of all hamsters (dwarfs and syrians), which is peculiar considering their size. Can Roborovski's live together? Yes. Although it is not advised to keep more than four in one cage at one time because of the risks of fighting between the hamsters. Two Roborovski's in the same cage is the best combination in my view. It is not considered cruel to keep one hamster on its own though.

Is there a difference between male and female Roborovski's Hamsters?
No, not really. And nor does it really matter when it comes to picking Robo's to live together Attitude between male and female hamsters towards humans doesn't really differ either. But if you are a first time owner/buyer, I recommend males.

How do I tame my Robo and how long will it take to tame him/her?
It usually takes a couple of weeks to a couple of months to tame your hamster(s). Please see the Taming page for more info. I bought one Robo, but want to go back and buy another one from the same pet shop.

Can I do this?
Well, it depends on how long it has been since you got the first hamster. If less than a week, feel free to acquire another hamster and put it in the original Robo's cage without much hesitation (but please contact me if you have any trouble or any other queries). If it has been more than a week, I would advise not to get another hamster because of the big risks of fights taking place after contact.

I saw my hamsters fighting and heard hissing coming from their cage - what should I do?

As said here (the fighting page, click for more detailed Q's and A's about Robo fights), fights are not uncommon with two or more Roborovski's and any fights that you see are most likely to be mock/play fights and are nothing to be concerned about. The only time you should be concerned is when you see noticable scars, injuries, scabs or one Robo very differ from weight and size from the other.

Can Robo Hamsters live with other hamster species in the same cage? No, absolutely not. You may think all hamsters look the same, and so are the same, that is completely wrong. Never let any other kind of hamster get near a different species .

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