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At Zamzows we have produced our own feed formulas since 1933. All of our feeds are made of the highest quality ingredients and are double cleaned. Our Zamzows feed mill uses no animal bi-products. Let us help you design a feed program that will make your animals as healthy as they can be.

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Pygmy goat nutrition


Pygmy goats are one of the easiest pet to keep.  The goats require a small area of good quality pasture, area to run for exercise, a place for shelter from storms and plenty of clean fresh water.  Pygmy goats will also require a small amount of molasses free grain with added vitamins and minerals.  The only consideration you need to make is the kind of hobby you are raising pygmy goats for, breeding does, Boers, wethers, or for shows.

   Pygmy goats are ruminants, meaning that they have a four compartment stomach. They are considered to be browsers in their diet.  Goats prefer to eat shrubs and tree leaves to grass.  They are great weed eaters.  Pastures should have good quality grass, plenty of room, access to shade and a fence at least four foot high.  Pygmy goats are one of the greatest escape artists.  Knowing this plus knowing that they like shrub and tree leaves, we must look at what else is in our landscape.  Some plants are poisonous to goats. Some of the common plants in our area that are harmful to pygmy goats are Castor Bean, Bleeding Heart, Foxglove, Larkspur, Lily of the Valley, Daffodil, Tomato leaves, Potato (green parts), rhubarb leaves, Black locust trees and Nightshade.  These are not all of the plants that are harmful to your goats.  Also if goats are not contained in a proper environment the will jump on cars and learn to climb.  Pygmy goats are known to climb trees to eat leaves.  

   Fresh clean water must be available to your goat at all times.  Clean the water trough a couple times a month.  You will be surprised how much debris will be in the bottom.  Unfrozen water must be provided in the winter.  Usually a small tank heater will keep the water open for your goats to drink.  To make sure that your pets drink enough water, salt must be available free choice at all times, especially for the winter season.  Salt should be in loose form, placed in a container that is weather proof or in a barn area to keep moisture from the salt.  The loose salt should have minerals added to it.  Loose cattle salt with minerals add is great for your pygmy goat.  Do not use sheep salt as it does not contain copper.  Goat need copper for their long term health.  The use of loose salt is important because goats do not lick blocks and they try to bite the block and could break off some of their teeth. 

   Many farmers think that goats should get the worst feed on the farm.  If you want your pet goats to be health and live a long life, proper nutrition is a must. Proper nutrition is based upon what you are doing with your pygmy goats. Nutrient levels will vary depending on the goats life stage and activity level.  A feeding plan balanced for maintenance will not work for growing kids, pregnancy, lactation or conditioning for shows.  I prefer using Zamzows dry rolled grain and adding Zamzows Start Pellets to the grains.  I can adjust the amount of Super Start Pellets to increase the amounts of vitamin and minerals to the diet of the goat.  Add more pellets during pregnancy, and lactation.  If the doe has twin or triples, I increase both the amount of dry rolled grains and Super Start Pellets. Increase the amount of pellets for coat and skin condition for showing your goats. 

   Watching your pygmy goats for condition will determine the adjustment in your feeding program. Keep an eye out to see if your pet goat is becoming too thin or overweight.  Vitamins and minerals are very important for the health of your livestock.  Minerals play a vital role in digestion, reproductive performance and immune system function.  Many of us will also feed hay along with pasture grasses.  Here we live in a mineral poor area and the forage that our goats eat is also lacking these minerals. Zamzows Super Start Pellets is the best way of supplementing the minerals and vitamins.
Good quality hay and high quality dry rolled grain supplemented with vitamins and minerals, along with a plenty of pasture space will keep your pygmy goat is good health.  Pygmy goats require your attention and care.  Their hoofs need to be trimmed on a regular basis.  Their nice coats should be shiny and the noses should be dry. Keeping your pygmy goat in good health with a proper diet will insure a long and happy life for your pet. 

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