How Do I Keep My Goldfish Bowl Clean?
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How to Keep a Goldfish Bowl Clean

We have a goldfish in a small tank in the kitchen on the counter. No matter how hard I try I cannot keep the water clear, it does not have a flter and it seems that all of the filter systems are too big for our tank. How do I keep it clean? Also, do goldfish get lonely? Ours gets very excited to see us, which we think is fun, and strange, should we get anouther one for company? 


Goldfish can be messy fish in small tanks and bowls. Even with regular water changes the tank may appear dirty and cloudy.

Good news! There are fish bowl filters that will help keep the water clear, filtered and aerated. The filter is a plate that is placed under the gravel with an upright tube and an air pump to circulate the water. Regular water changes are still required, but the tank should stay clearer.

Goldfish are very personable fish, especially to their keepers. They know people feed them and beg for food when given an opportunity to do so. Goldfish require only 1 feeding each day in an amount that can be completely consumed within 1-2 minutes. Food showering down in the tank or food left uneaten will foul a tank very quickly causing the water to look dirty and undue stress to your fish.

Multiple fish in your small tank will only add to your dilemma with the cloudy water. A lone goldfish won’t be lonely and would fair better having good water conditions.


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