What can I put into the Pond Water to Keep it from Freezing if I Turn Off the Pump?
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Tips for Preventing Pond Water from Freezing

I have a endless stream. A water fall then a stream into a hole with rock around a container which holds the pump. I can not remove the pump right now, so is there a product that I can add to the ponda water to keep it from freezing over winter? I would love to not run the pump this year to give it a break however, I have all the rain gutters going into the pond and I have drained it about a week ago, but with this small storm last week it filled it back up so I think that I will have to run it could you let me know if that is true or not, my believe is that if I add something to the water to keep it from freezing and then the rain water fills the pond again what was the point of that it just changed the ppm ratio. Please let me not if im not clear and ill come in tomorrow.

You could put a pond de-icer in the water to keep it from freezing. If you want to turn the pump off I would try to drain the line that goes from the pump up to the top of the waterfall so it does not freeze and crack. I also think you are correct if you add a product that keeps the water from freezing that it would change the ppm

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