Whats the Best Way to Keep Spiders out of the House?
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How to keep spiders out of your house

We have seen several spiders in our house recently which makes our children uncomfortable in their bedrooms. What is the best way to keep spiders out of the house?


Fortunately for you this time of year is about the easiest time to deal with this issue. Because it is freezing outside, spiders must seek shelter for survival purposes. Once you rid your house of the current populace, no new infestations will occur until the warmer weather returns. There are several ways of dealing with the problem. The most effective would be to use an insect fogger to clear the house. Most likely they majority of what you see originate in a basement or crawlspace so it is important to focus on that particular area. One other option is the use of our versatile Zamzows Z-One insecticide. It is a permethrin spray that can be used indoors and is relatively safe in terms of toxicity. Use this spray around door jams and heater vents to make contact with the insects to stop them as they migrate into different areas. One last thing, when the early signs of fall begin to show up, make sure to go out and close down the vents around your foundation as this is an easy entrance point for the spiders as they hunker down for the long winter months!

I hope I have answered you questions, if you have any others feel free to respond to this email or stop by your nearest Zamzows.
Hans Geary
Manager ZZ Meridian
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