HELP! My Yard Has Been Invaded By Billbugs Overnight!
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How to kill the billbugs you have and how to protect yourself from billbugs in the future.

HELP! My yard has been invaded by billbugs overnight!
As soon as the heat hits in the Treasure Valley customers will stream into our stores screaming their lawns have been invaded by billbugs.  After we get them calmed down , we usually explain to them the billbugs have been there for a few months, but the grass can’t live in the heat without its roots.  Bill bugs start their life cycle as a small beetle that looks a lot like a cotton weevil.  The adults walk their way into your lawn and lay eggs. 

The adults can damage your lawn, but you will never see the damage they do.  When the eggs hatch, the grubs look like large maggots.  The eat the roots of your grass, just below the surface.  Your grass is pretty resilient and holds its own with virtually no roots, until the heat hits.  Once you have billbug damage there is a two prong approach to getting rid of them.  We must first stop the actively feeding grubs.  This is done with a product called 24 hour grub control. 

After this is applied we can apply a preventative called Zamzows Duration Grub control.  This will afford you three months of protection.  For best results this must be applied twice, three months apart to cover the entire growing season.  In the Treasure Valley we unfortunately have multiple species of billbugs with different lifecycles and hatch times.  Once you have had bill bug damage in your lawn it is a good idea to treat your lawn every year with a preventative.  Even if you have wiped the billbugs out of your lawn, they will probably walk right back from your neighbors.

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