Are The Bare Spots In My Lawn Related To Bug Issues?
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How to tell what is wrong with your lawn

I have a lot of bare spots in my front yard, I also have tons of those potato bugs I see crawling around are the 2 related ?

To answer your question, I will give you some general information. There are several factors that may or may not have given you bare spots in your lawn.

I would highly recommend going to our website and reading through our Natural Lawn care guide, there is an abundant amount of information on lawn care and helpful tips.
If you have a pet, it could be a urine burn, or if you have sprayed your lawn with a chemical and or over fertilized.

he hot temperature along with the height in which you mow your lawn can be a part of your problem.

Another factor could be the amount of water your lawn is receiving.
I am not certain you have potato bugs, but you may have sow bugs or they are sometimes referred to as rollie pollie bugs, or you could be seeing the adult billbug, which have distinctive long nose that may look like a trunk.
You do not indicate if there is still grass in the bare spots or if everything is gone. I will give you the best answer I can tell you without seeing the bare spots.

There is one good way to tell if it is a urine or chemical burn, put your nose in and smell it. If by chance this is the problem you can dilute the spot, if it is still yellow there is a chance you can bring it back. To do this you could use some of the Zamzow’s THRIVE, this is our liquid fertilizer that is kid, pet, earth safe, apply ½ Cup in 1 gallon of water over each spot. We have Dogonit lawn repair spray; you saturate the area, wait a few minutes, and then flush the area with a hose or sprinkling can. We always suggest reading all label directions before applying any products to your lawn.
The bare spots if they showed up from the high heat may be from insects, lawn disease (Fungus) or may be from a watering problem; an important part of maintaining your lawn is following the proper watering procedures. It is best to water your lawn in the early morning hours for two reasons: Save Water. On a 100 degree day almost 30% of the water from your sprinkler can evaporate before it even hits the ground. Increase your water to 2 inches per week. The likely hood of having an insect problem could also be a factor in your lawn the most damaging lawn pest is the billbug in its larvae stage. The Treasure Valley has several billbug species that hatch at different times and must be controlled by two separate properly timed applications of Zamzow’s Duration Grub control, let one of the lawn care specialist at your nearest Zamzow’s help with proper times.
The other way you may have gotten bare spots is a lawn disease. There are 10 different turf funguses’s that may or may not have affected your lawn. Bringing a sample into one of your local Zamzow’s (cut out a sample of your yard about the size of a shoe box 6 to 8 inches wide and 12 inches long about 2 inches deep) and we will analyze it for you. The sample should show the damaged grass going into the undamaged areas about half and half. Brown patches, circles, semi-circles or mushrooms, can indicated your law has a fungus. Zamzows Defendz Systemic Disease Control will assist in prevention of most fungal problems. I would suggest letting one of the lawn care specialist at your nearest Zamzows assist you further by dropping in with a sample, and pictures of your lawn to personally assist you with your lawn.
Kelly Rourick
Zamzows Federal Way Store Manager
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