How do I get rid of Gophers in my lawn?
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The best way to get rid of Gophers in your yard


I have gophers tearing up my yard. What is the best way to get rid of them?

1.The least destructive is to apply Mole Max to your yard.  This is a repellant that will drive them away from the area where you applied Mole Max.  You will see more activity as they are trying to find an area that does not have Mole Max applied to the soil, and they will eventually flee from your yard to escape it.  This is a natural product and will not hurt kids or pets.

2.We sell gopher smoke bombs.  You dig and find the hole...put a bomb in the hole and light it on fire.  The gopher will inhale the smoke and die.

3. We have gopher poison.  You dig and find the hole and take a long handled spoon, and put 1-2 spoons full of the poison in the hole.  The gopher will eat the poison and die.

4. We have traps.  You dig and find the hole and place a trap in the hole and it will catch him when he trips the trigger.  More instructions will be given at the store as to how to set and how. 

These are several ways to control gophers in your yard.  It would be best to come to the store and we will give you much better instructions on any of these ideas.


Randy Corn

Store Manager

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