The Grandma Z Memorial Garden Breaks Ground!
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On Thursday March 22nd, Residents and officials from the City Light Home for Women and Children and the River of Life Rescue Mission, got to see a spectacular demolition of the Boise Rescue Mission property located near at 14th & Jefferson in Boise.

The vacant house was torn down in order to clear the property for a community garden to support the Mission’s shelters with fresh produce. Jim Zamzow, Co-Owner of Zamzows Inc., and President Darin Eisenbarth have adopted this project as their own on behalf of Zamzows and will soon open “Grandma Z’s Memorial Garden.” The garden is being named after Zamzows Co-Founder, the late Carmalita Zamzow (aka “Grandma Z”) who passed away in 2001 at the age of 104. At the Press Conference, Rev. Bill Roscoe, Executive Director of Boise Rescue Mission introduced the project; Jim Zamzow told the crowd who Grandma Z was and why the garden is so appropriate to be named in her honor; and finally, President Darin Eisenbarth explained how the project came about and reaffirmed Zamzows’ desire to serve the hungry and homeless in the Treasure Valley.

We still need and are looking for donations. If you can help, please email us.

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