2012 Frisbee Fest
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Idaho's Premier Dog/Frisbee Event

Every year since 1993, Zamzow has hosted and extraordinary event - our annual "Frisbee Fest" for dogs! The 2012 event is scheduled for Saturday September 15th at 10:00 a.m. at Ann Morrison Park in Boise.

The Humane Society staffs a booth at the event to offer hungry and thirsty spectators delicious grilled hotdogs and ice cold Pepsi for a donation. Zamzows buys the hotdogs and buns, and Pepsi donates the soft drinks, so the Humane Society can keep 100% of the proceeds. As a result, Zamzows Frisbee Fest has been a major fundraiser for the Humane Society for the last 18 years - but that's not the real purpose of the event.

The purpose of Zamzows Frisbee Fest is to celebrate the unique "bond" between humans and their pets, and quite frankly is just for fun; fun for the dogs; and fun for their owners and the audience who gets to watch them compete. So, what's up with 120 dogs running up and down a grass field chasing a flyin' piece of plastic? Well it just may be part of a dog's natural instinct to FETCH.

To enter, contestants can simply go to any Zamzows store after August 15th and sign up. Entry is by dog and is $12.00 each which includes (1) "official" Frisbee brand disc. To make it fair to all, all entrants MUST throw using the exact same model of disc, which is supplied by Zamzows. We use a Frisbee brand disc that is well suited for distance, yet easy for the dogs to catch and pick up. With each $12.00 entry, the person signing up will also receive (1) 100% Cotton commorative T-shirt with custom designed artwork. These shirts will be collector's items and will look and wear great! Extra T-shirts and Frisbees can be purchased for modest price at all Zamzows stores and at the event. Remember, entry is by dog - and each dog can only compete twice; once with adult and once with a child.

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