Idaho Canine College - Dog Obedience Training


IDAHO CANINE COLLEGE: Idaho's Premier Dog Training Program

At Idaho Canine College we strive to bring harmony into your household. We understand that you acquired a dog to enrich your life, not to bring endless frustration. We understand that you have a busy lifestyle and need effective tools to train your companion to fit into that lifestyle. 

We use simple, effective training techniques that can be used by anyone. Big, small, strong, weak, young and old are able to put our training techniques into practice, enabling everyone to have a better relationship with their canine companion.
We want you to enjoy the company of your dog again by training for real life goals. Whether your goal is to be able to walk you kids to school with your dog being calm or to hike the Boise foothills without fear of your dog chasing a rabbit, we will be able to help you. We do not want to banish our dogs away when company comes over, we want them to be respectful members of the household.

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